Public Persona — Quiet Guy is Really a Gun and Ammo Nut!

best reloading pressI sell electronics and I also help install them in people’s homes. I am a woman and people are always really surprised that I understand all of the technical aspects behind the setup. When I was growing up I was always hanging out with my older brother and his friends and we were always taking stuff apart and putting it back together. When it came time to make a career choice this just made sense to me. My work is really great and I really enjoy seeing my customers at their homes. You really can’t tell everything about someone just by looking at them in a public place, especially when someone loves guns and ammunition (but we’re getting ahead of ourselves).

There is a woman who comes into the store on a regular basis. She is always immaculately dressed from head to toe. I was amazed at the state of her apartment when I went to her place. She was definitely a hoarder and there were piles of things everywhere. Some were in corners stacked as high as the ceiling.

I should have known something was up by the fact that that she has bought three sets of speakers in the last three months but I just assumed she had kids or something. She doesn’t, she lives there alone and all the speakers were for the same stereo. I suggested she could return the ones she wasn’t using to the store for credit but she wasn’t interested in that at all and they had already joined one of the cluttered corners.

I have another customer who freaked me out a bit time the first time I went to his house. He lives out in the middle of nowhere. My GPS on my phone couldn’t even find his address. I had to look at a map. When I got to the house it was high up on hill with no other houses around for miles. But it was when I got inside that things got a little bit strange.

He had called me over to set up his speakers in surround sound in his garage. He spends most of his time in there anyways and he had decided to turn it into an entertainment room. When he came into the store he was dressed in a suit and seemed like a pretty mild guy. When I got inside he was sitting on the floor surrounded by ammunition, boxer primer, smokeless powder granules and empty shells. I know the terminology now because I asked him what he was doing the first time. He spends a lot of time at the gun range and it is a lot cheaper for him to reload his own ammunition than pick up new stuff. He showed me how to do it and I helped him load a couple of casings.

First Blood was playing in the background and he was dressed the same way as Sylvester Stallone. When I unhooked the old speakers and connected the new ones he cheered and recited the dialogue along with the movie word for word.
Looks can be deceiving. The person shown in public is not always the person that comes out in their own home. I love that my job allows me to see this other side of people.