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Model Number: BTV-HD
Enjoy your favorite Movies, Music, TV Shows and Newscasts direct from South-East Asia!
Get access to several Internet TV and Media Center applications such as: Youtube!
Connect an external USB hard drive and start recording your favorite programs!
Enjoy FREE Uninterrupted Bollywood TV - All Day, Everyday!


    For that unforgettable thrill of your favorite movies at your finger-tips, TV programs that keep you hooked, News, Views and Reviews from ‘Back Home’ PLUS a lot more of interesting stuff to enliven your ‘Idiot Box’ you just can’t beat the undisputed leader BTV. No more Movie Rentals, piles of DVDs collecting dust in a remote corner, Missed Soap Operas – Not Any More, No More Subscription Services; Your Ultimate Solution: BTV IPTV.

    Simple, Easy to Use and Even Easier to Own, BTV is an amazingly affordable device that proves its worth in so many different ways. Your home entertainment interests are well looked after whether it be movies, sports, soap operas, talk shows, news and reviews and so much more variety programs for all ages to keep them connected to your culture, your language, customs, festivals and values.

    It has never been easier to get your favorite sports, the entire Cricket Season as well as Hockey, Football, Tennis and many more at No Extra Cost.

    All your favorite Dramas, Stage Comedies, Reality TV Shows and Soap Operas, you name it and BTV brings it alive on your TV screen from India and Pakistan in Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Telugu, Bengali and many other languages and the best part is that you can Pause, Fast Forward and/or Rewind at will.
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