The Dog, not only the Veterinarian, Knows Best

I love my job selling electronics. I have a great boss and I love the constant change of merchandise and the changing technology. But I work long hours and at the end of the day I am happy to go home to my dog Zeke. Zeke has been my faithful companion for about five years now.

my labrador saved by a veterinarianZeke is a Labrador, German Shepherd, Border Collie cross and he is super high energy. Every morning he wakes me up by sticking his paw on my shoulder while I am sleeping to remind me that it is time for our run. He is a great running buddy and we run six days a week. On Sundays we both sleep in. I am really close with my family and he always come with me to visit them.

This Sunday there is a barbecue at my brother’s house and Zeke’s name was on the email invitation as well. My friend Nathan was invited as well and I really hope he is going to be there. Nathan has been my friend since high school when we briefly dated. He has been a really good friend ever since.

He is also my vet and Zeke loves him to bits. That may have something to do with the fact that when Zeke was a puppy he got really sick and Nathan saved his life. I found Zeke as a scrawny little puppy that someone had thrown in the garbage dumpster. When I brought him home he was pretty unhealthy. After feeding him for two days I noticed that he was becoming less and less energetic.

I called Nathan over to have a look. He arrived within minutes and he said he would take the dog back to his office with him. I waited anxiously by my phone waiting for him to call. It was amazing how fast I had become attached to Zeke after only two days. Nathan finally called just as I was eating dinner. He said that Zeke had eaten a piece of rope and gotten it lodged in his intestine. He had operated on him and removed the rope and he should be fine. The man is an amazing vet. He would bring Zeke by on his way home the next day.

When I asked about the bill he said don’t worry about it just to make him lasagna for dinner the next night. So I did and the rest is history. Nathan recently got divorced from his wife and I am curious if there is still any spark between us. I haven’t dated anyone in a while and I am thinking it might be about time.

Nathan would be great because then I don’t have to worry about Zeke not getting along with him. Zeke has proved himself to be a better judge of men than I have over the years. After much trial and error I have learned that Zeke is always right. The last guy I dated ended up being married. Zeke knew something was off right away and he growled at the guy on our first date. It was five more weeks before I found out the truth. I should have just listened to Zeke in the first place.